October 08, 2012

Customizable Ministry of Magic Identification Booklet

And yes, here is the requested MoM ID card, which is now customizable :D
(A link to the movie-prop version with Mafalda Hopkirk can be found here)

If you're wondering how to get your "Sun in Pisces"/"Moon in Leo" signs, I've found this link to astro.cafeastrology.com to be useful.

There are two fonts that you need to use this Photoshop file properly:
Mom's Typewriter Font
Rough Typewriter Font

Download both of those files and install them. If you need instructions on how to do that, you can find some here.

Here is a link to the Dropbox Photoshop file download:

Customizable MoM ID Card Photoshop (72.4MB)

Yes, it's rather large, but it needs to be for it to be good quality and completely customizable. This version was made in Photoshop Elements 7. You should be able to open it with later versions of Photoshop and possibly even with GIMP (although I have not tested this).
It is a fully customizable version. You can even put your own photo in and have the Ministry of Magic seal superimposed on top ;)
What I recommend you do is insert your photo and resize it/crop it as needed, and then apply a grain filter to it to give it a nice touch. I would also recommend changing it to black and white.

For the fingerprints, since I realize most people don't have purple ink pads (I don't), all you need is a nice dark purple marker. Colour on your fingers and press it down onto the page.

I assume that you have enough experience with Photoshop to know how to save images as .png or .jpeg or .tif files, if not, you'll have to look up a tutorial. You may even want to crop the picture into different sections for saving. Once you've done that, using whatever method you prefer, print it off and cut it out, then glue and staple it together for your own customized Ministry of Magic ID Card ;)

I'll try to get a smaller customizable version out soon so it's not so much of a hassle to download. For now, though, I just wanted to get this out there for those who wanted it.

Here is a link to a plain picture file so that if you want you can print it out and write your name etc. on there and cut and paste a picture in (if you don't have Photoshop or are unfamiliar with the use of the program)

Customizable MoM ID Card Flat (34.23MB)

Yes, this file is still rather large. I didn't want to reduce the quality very much since I want you to get the whole thing so you can have the best-quality prop possible. But as soon as I can I will divide the file up into more manageable parts. Right now, however, this is how you get it ;)

I really hope this helps people out, I know that there are a lot of things out there that offer to do this kind of thing for $10.00 on Etsy if you want but I wanted to provide a cost-effective version for those who wanted a bit more of a DIY experience. So I hope that this works out for you ;)

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  1. Hello! I have a quick question... So I made one of these custom for my friend but is there a certain way I should print in from the Photoshop file? Like do I print it on several pages like the Marauder's Map? Or what? Thanks for the help :)

    1. No, there is no particular way to print it, however, I prefer to split it into four sections, three with three pages and one with the back page. Whatever you prefer will work, however. If you want to use my method, use the crop tool to make all of your pages the same. I put them into a Word document to ensure they were all the same size before I printed them.
      Hope that helps! :)

    2. It helps a lot! Thank you :)

  2. I just wanted to tell you youre pretty amazing and so wonderful to share all your hard work with everyone and whats more.... I think Im in love with you! LOL!!! Thank you sooooooo very much for this website!!!

  3. Interesting post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting.

  4. Your blog is AMAZING please keep posting!!!


    1. do you have a pc? If not youtube "how to instal fonts on mac"

      step by step
      click "download"
      they will go to your download folder or where ever you have it set for downloads
      make sure you have something you can use to "extract" zip files with. I use jzip but winrar works and sometimes your computer does it automatically.
      click on the file and open it however you choose from above.
      now "extract" to a folder where you'll find it again.

      open control panel and click on fonts
      copy and paste the original files to the "fonts" folder. ta da

  6. Do you know where I can find the Ministry of Magic "M" with the sword going through it font? I need to make my own logo using that M for my son's name. THanks!!!!

  7. This blog is amazing! I love this idea, however, I think it would help if you showed a pic though, if you can, thanks!

  8. i like this blog, and Harry Potter is the best film.

  9. can you send me the 72 mb file in jpg format? I'm not able to use either of application! i tried! it'll be really great if you could! thanks. my id is girijavirkar@gmail.com

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  13. Thank you. Amazing file :)

  14. Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work with the world! Putting together a birthday present with tickets to the Studio and this has been the best thing ever to help me!

  15. The Dropbox Photoshop file os offline =/

  16. Is it possible to make the files available?